Recording Services

Our goal at Kill Infinity Studios is to provide local songwriters and bands with larger-than-life, professional recordings without paying big studio prices.  Are you a solo singer-songwriter who dreams of strings and brass on your next single?  We can do that!  An indie group looking for new and unique sounds and arrangements to make your song stick out?  We can do that too!  Are you a vocalist looking for that big pop sound to shop to producers and agents?  Boom.  Us.  We do that.  We also do recording for podcasters, comedians, and voice-over artists!  Check out this track we did for local songwriter a million creatures, and then read below for the details of our services.

Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Dalton Deschain at Kill Infinity Studios

Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Dalton Deschain at Kill Infinity Studios

Kill Infinity Studios offers all kinds of recording services, including engineering, mixing, mastering, and production.  When contacting us for services, it's important to know what it is you'll want us to help you with, and how much of the process we'll be collaborating on.  To help you determine what services you need, here's how we define each term:

Engineering refers solely to running the equipment during the recording process.  Setting up mics, manning the gear, and recording the session.  

Mixing refers to the balancing and enhancement of the recorded audio once the recording is finished, to help turn the various recorded tracks into one cohesive whole.

Mastering refers to the final touches added to a recording before it is sent to manufacturing, and includes final touch-ups to the audio, making sure all songs for a certain project fit sonically together, making sure final volume levels are appropriate, and making sure all audio files are formatted properly.

Production is a more creative role, and means that we will team with you to help create your final artistic product.  This can include us providing string or brass arrangements for your song, adding swells and synth lines to make your song pop, and giving guidance and arrangement advice on how to build the sound you're looking for.  Production is our true specialty at Kill Infinity!

Some may ask us just to engineer a project, so that someone else can mix it, while others may have the parts recorded elsewhere and need our mixing and mastering services.  However, we realize that most projects will require a combination of multiple services.  Fees fluctuate based on the scope of the project, so when you reach out to us, just give us your vision for the project, and we'll work together to find the right level of collaboration.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are a home studio, so while we are set up to record almost every instrument under the sun, we are NOT equipped to record drum kits.  If your project includes drums, we provide the following options:

  • If you do not have a drummer, we can compose and record sample-based drums into your track as part of our Production services.  As you'll see in our work samples, these are often almost indistinguishable from live drums!
  • If you do have a drummer and would like live drums, you may have to rent studio space for the drums to be recorded at, and we will mix them at Kill Infinity later.  We work closely with local studios, and can make recommendations if your prefer this method.

Ready to book?  Drop us a line on our Contact page!  Not convinced?  Check out more samples of our work here!